Diary of a WEIRD Kid Series – Under $90 for EIGHT WEEKS!


Two months of extra time freed up for you to do what’s on your heart, plus have excellent services!

What if everything was provided – editable word docs, editable slides, tons of extras, plus other fun items that can make it memorable, but not required! That’s how each Kid Nation series is, and why every member stays with the Kid Nation curriculum for years! (Can you imagine not having to hunt down new curriculum all the time???)
This W.E.I.R.D. series (and acronym) spending time breaking down what it means to stand out for Christ in this world! Each week the kids will learn another letter and what that letter means.

If we want what the world has, we should live the way that the world says to live. If we want what God says we can have, we should live the way that the Word says to live!

He has called us to stand out from the “normal” of a lost and dying world who are without Him. We are to be peculiar and a light and often that’s weird and uncomfortable but exactly what He has created for us! 
It’s “weird” to the world that our savior died for us,
It’s weird that the God who is bigger than the universe lives in us,
It’s weird He makes us a whole new creation when we receive Him as Lord,
It’s weird that He tells us that authority in Heaven and earth is ours in His name,
It’s weird that He tell us to LOVE our enemies,
and It’s weird that our life can be SO much different than those that do NOT know Him and yet all living in the same world.

W.E.I.R.D. – It’s time to be weird and live out the life God has for us! In order for us to do that, we need to understand who God has created us and how He desires and has equipped us to live.