Presenting Keynote using your tablet or PC

Okay, so you would love to use the Kid Nation curriculum, but you don’t have an Apple computer. Never fear! Here are a few easy steps that will enable to you to edit the curriculum online AND present on most internet browsers!

So, grab your PC or tablet, and let’s work through these easy steps.

  • Log into your account on, then click the “Downloads” tab, and download the Keynote file to your iPad or computer.
    • If there is not anything in your “Downloads” tab, that simply means you haven’t checked out with one of our series yet. CLICK HERE to go to the Curriculum tab – if you are a member, choose any of the preschool series or in the elementary curriculum, choose the “Who is God?” series – the elementary series work best when done in order.
      • If there is an option for the Keynote ’09 or Keynote 6 – always choose the Keynote 6 option. That one will work the best with
    • If you are not a member yet, CLICK HERE to go to the curriculum tab, and choose and download any one you wish!kid-nation-downloads-tab


  • Then, go to and login.
    • If you have an iTunes account, you can use that to log in!
    • if you don’t have an account, it’s easy to set one up.icloud-login-page


  • When you see all the online software, choose “Keynote”.


  • Most likely, you won’t see any presentations available here yet. Let’s add one!
    • At the top of your screen in the middle, you should see an icon that looks like an up arrow pointing into a cloud. Click on that! 


  • Then select your downloaded Keynote slideshow that you saved from the Kid Nation website.


  • It may take a while to upload, since all of our slideshows are fully editable!


  • Once that slideshow has been uploaded, you will now see it in your list of available presentations. Let’s click on it to get started.
  • You will notice it looks a lot like other slideshow presentations, except online! All the slides are along the left, with the big editing window filling the rest of the screen. On just about every slide, all the text will be fully editable, plus you can rearrange the slides, duplicate slides, or create your own! 
  • If you accidentally do something or delete something, you can click the undo button (shown in the image below), or if it is so messed up that you don’t think you can get it back, then just upload the version that you have saved on your computer!

Once you have finished editing it, you have two options:

  1. You can play the slideshow, right from your browser – it doesn’t have to be an Apple Computer! Just hit the play button in the toolbar! (Shown in the image below)
    • Note: The videos usually don’t play, so you will have to do a countdown to service and worship another way. But, all the animations, builds and everything else looks just the way it did when you were editing!
  2. You can download the slideshow in a PowerPoint version! 
    • Click on the wrench graphic in the toolbar, then select “Download a Copy”
    • Next, choose the PowerPoint option.
    • Note: It may take a short while for it to process before it begins downloading the PowerPoint version of the slideshow, and the download may also take some time, as most file sizes are between 500mb and 2gb. 
    • Note: You will need to download and install the fonts to the computer that will present the slideshow in order for it to look right.
    • Also, the videos will play, even if they didn’t online, but sometimes the animations, builds or transitions will not be the same, so you will want to play through it beforehand, and make adjustments as needed.

Questions? Comments? 

Feel free to reach out to us!
Email us at: and someone will get back to you quickly, or
Call us at: 877-543-6861 !