Terms & Conditions

We are not exactly overbearing overlords, but we do have a few expectations when you purchase our stuff. (You could call us a wee bit protective, but these were born out of our blood, sweat and tears… literally.)

Please do not do these things:

  • Sell it as your own.
  • Give it away to other churches.
  • Feed it to giraffes (much too delicate of creatures!)

There are a few things we expect you TO do also:

  • Find peace.
  • Use it in every creative way that you can.
  • Use your newly freed up time wisely.
    • Spend some extra time in prayer.
    • Go to one of your kids’ games.
    • Take one of your team members out for coffee.
    • Take a nap – I’ve heard those are amazing!
  • And if you feel like it, talk it up!

Here’s what we won’t do:

  • Sell your info.

Here’s a few things we will do:

  • Continue creating great “stuff” to equip you to be the best minister you can be.
  • Let you know about the “stuff” that we are creating.
  • Talk nice about you.

If you are really desperate to see our long legal list of cease and desists for all the irrational ways people could attempt to dishonor us, email us at info@kidnationministries.com, and we’ll come up with something and email it to you.