Revival in your kids

Your kids can continue in Revival!

Two ways you can keep this going:

(or do both!)

At Home:

Weekly online, live Bible Studies for ages 4-18 and Parent Tools to make it real all week long

At Church:

Over three years of Word Based, Spirit-filled Children's Curriculum, ministry tools and coaching

Both are
Rooted in God's Word and
Ignited by the Spirit

(not one or the other)

These live, online classes are taught by anointed Root Coaches each week! And it’s more than just sitting and listening – the Root coaches call on the kids to answer questions, look up Scriptures, have them pray over each other and more! It is many kids favorite time of the week!

Also parents are overly supplied with great tools and resources to take the truths that the kids are learning and make them real in every day life! We believe that your family was created by God to grow together spiritually, and Root Bible Academy – Home Edition makes it easy to do!

Current Class Times:




The current stats show that the majority of kids who attend church receive an average of six hours of spiritual importation at church EVERY YEAR! 

That’s why this curriculum does not have snacks and a lot of the “filler” aspects that most other curriculums have. (Although, it is fully editable, so it is easy to add it in!) What does it have? Services that open the door for your kids to encounter God through His Word and His Spirit.

The topics are about real Christianity as well! They range from the gifts and power of the Spirit, to navigating the Bible, to renewing your mind, being transformed to change the world and more!

You can choose to download a few relevant series to what you are pursing with the kids currently, or become a member and save even more!

A few of the 4-week curriculum series:

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Home Edition:

Church Edition: