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Does it work? YES!

What are the Sessions?

THE ROOT: Who does God say I am?
(Sessions 1-6 or the first 7 Week Hub)

By the power of the Word and the leading of the Spirit, we will tackle thought patterns and lies we have been believing that are holding us back and evaluate the inputs that are reinforcing these wrong thoughts.

THE BRANCH: How does He plan to work through me?
(Sessions 8-15 or the second 7 Week Hub)

Here the freedoms we found in the previous classes begin to affect ourselves and those around us! We discover the truth about God’s plan for each of us and how He has already equipped us to influence those around us!

THE FRUIT: Transforming moments into powerful encounters with God (Sessions 16-21 or the third 7 Week Hub)

It’s one thing to mentally assent that these new perspectives are correct. We WILL NOT stop there! The final section is how to live from these new perspectives and what it looks like to live from these realities in Him! This is where life-long change happens!

Sept 26 – Oct 24


When are the online sessions?

Monday - Friday
9am Eastern, 6am Pacific

If you are in the Americas, this gives you all day to meditate on that day’s truths and see change manifest!

(The impact is so much greater when you can join live and participate in every class, but the recording of each session will be made available later that day if you are unable to join at the live class time.)

This 21 Day Course isn't for everyone.

If you are looking to watch some cutesy, short videos so that you can feel good about yourself or brag to others about the personal coaching you are receiving, this is not for you.

If you want to be highly intentional for 21 days, putting in some extra effort to become who God created you to be in this world, this is for you. If you want to transform your life to reflect Him like never before more than you want to binge watch a show on Netflix, then you will begin to reach your God-given potential in your spheres of influence and as His child!

Become the fearless person you were meant to be!

Life is about to change – you are going to be able to tackle things that you never thought you could. You are going to see yourself in a new light. You’ll find yourself saying things automatically that you have wished that you would say more often. It’s going to be so amazing for you AND everyone in your spheres of influence!

You are going to need to step it up for 21 days, though. 21 days, meeting every weekday with others from all over the world. Being open and willing to admit where you want to grow, and even take a few challenges that may be uncomfortable.

But keep your eyes on the end results: you can reboot your views, your habits, and even your relationships. And it’s just 21 intentional days away.

This course may ruin you for normal "Churchianity"!

Sept 26 – Oct 24