This is not your standard missions trip.

We don’t want to come in, spend a quick week, then disappear without making any kind of lasting impact. We will do some fun things but our goal is to not only bring the Kingdom of God with us, but train their teams how to see God’s Kingdom continue to advance long after we’re gone.

Here’s a quick shot of the details:

  • June 9-16, 2018
  • Cost is $1250, which includes airfare from Columbus, OH and back, ground transportation, all meals, all lodging expenses.
  • For ages 8-102 (or older, if you are up to it. 🙂 )

Here’s a few of the benefits of going on this missions trip:

  • We stay in the US (so access to US Healthcare, banks, etc if needed), but we’ll spend most of our time in the Navajo Nation (aka the Rez), which is pretty close to a third world experience.
  • No Passports needed!
  • The cost is significantly less then most overseas missions trips!
  • Everyone speaks English!
  • We won’t have to spend half the trip in airplanes or airports
  • Get to see God move through you in mighty ways, while discovering how blessed we are!

Here’s a brief overview of what a day would like while we are in New Mexico:

  • Start the day bright and early at the hotel breakfast.
  • After breakfast:
    • One group would begin preparing to lead the services: teaching the kids and training the Navajos to raise the upcoming generations with a strong supernatural foundation.
    • One group would begin to canvas the streets – inviting families to the services and releasing the supernatural healing, wisdom and prophesy over everyone the meet
    • One group would also begin preparing for the group lunch and the big dinner, plus help at the local church as needed
  • Then we will reconvene for lunch. Three adults, plus a Navajo guide, will go to pick up kids from the different areas around the church, while the rest clean up and make final preparations.
  • The afternoons with the kids will be a kind of combination VBS, Holy Ghost meeting, equipping the Navajos to become powerful lovers of Christ and to know who He has created them to be!
  • We’ll finish up our time with the Navajo families with a big meal all together, missions team with the Navajos
  • After they are dropped back at their pick up points and the rest of the team has cleaned up, we’ll do an after meeting with the whole team and the Navajos that we are training, to prepare for the next day!

It’s going to be a powerful time of unleashing who God wants to be on the Reservation – will you be one of the ones He gets to flow through mightily to change lives eternally?

CLICK HERE to fill out the 2018 online New Mexico Missions Trip Application