jb-onWe first heard about Kid Nation Ministries in the spring of 2011 at a ministers conference in Sterling Heights.  A couple of our volunteers in the church went to this conference and saw what Kid Nation was and came back super excited and asked if WE could be a Kid Nation location.  We were happy to see them so excited and got excited with them as we began to implement plans to literally “transform” our facilities.  We are a small church with a smaller budget, but we knew that all things are possible with God.  Pastors Josh and Kate were with us through the entire transformation, skyping us with ideas, and helping us to think creatively, which is not one of my strongest points.  That’s one of the things we really liked about it.  It wasn’t a “hey, here ya go, good luck figuring it out on your own” kind of start up either.  They were there with us from the start.

As far as the curriculum is concerned, the most important thing to me first is that it’s biblically sound.  You don’t have to worry about that with this curriculum.   It is solidly based in the Word of God.  Being a graduate of the same Bible school as Pastors Josh and Kate, I find peace in knowing they are rooted and grounded in the same foundations as our church.

Secondly, it is eye appealing to the kids.  You need something that attracts their attention.  The room, the color schemes they have chosen is exciting and to the kids its nice to have a facility that is appropriate for and welcoming to them and makes them want to come and invite others.  In other words, it’s not so sterile.  🙂

The curriculum is fun and engaging and exciting to the kids.  (Our teachers and volunteers LOVE being in there as well.  They are always saying that they too are learning a lot!) The kids love having the memory verse cards to take home to remember their verses.  They like the idea that they can earn tickets and prize bucks to spend in prize city.  Most of all, they are excited about what they are learning.  Just recently, in a month entitled, “I Luv My Bible” a new girl came up to me and said “Hey, so this book we’re talking about?  Do I get one from you or…?”  Her mom has emailed me to say how excited she is to learn about God and His Word.

It is an exciting program and your kids will grow in God and in the Word if you decide to take the plunge!  And you just might learn something along the way, too.

Jessica Bennett
Living Faith Christian Church

Collingwood, ON Canada


dp-moWe are continually pleased with the curriculum every single month! It’s, in my opinion, the best I’ve ever seen! The simplicity of the messages backed by a few powerful/relevant scriptures punctuated with the perfect memory verse and correlated praise and worship songs. The interactive-ness and break up of the sermons with puppet skits and video clips really keep the sometimes 2 hour services exciting and interesting for the kids ALL the way through. I could go on and on, but these things we don’t take for granite remember the days when it was all we could do to keep the kids awake and invent lame activity after lame activity to keep them busy waiting on the adult services, which sometimes seemed never-ending , to wrap up lol. I think every children’s minister in the world could prob relate lol.

We’ve had sooo many new kids come since we started last Oct. 13 Salvations at Sun/Wed services and close to 40 at Bus Kids! We have one single mom who has a daughter in Kid Nation that told me they visited over 30 churches (she even named a few of the biggest, most popular churches in our area) and said out of all of them they chose to stay at our church because her daughter enjoyed our Children’s ministry the most. They’ve been coming now for about 6 months and both got filled with the Holy Spirit this past Sun morning! The mom sits in on our services from time to time because she wants to now why her daughter enjoys it so much. She is kind of a baby Christian and she tells us how much she learns herself when she sits in our class. She said she had always wanted to be filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues but never understood how until Sun morning when we broke it down so simply. Praise God!

We have had several other families choose to continue attending our church because they said their kids have enjoyed KidNation so much. To God be all the Glory!

Kid Nation is exactly what it should be. It’s impossible to find anything even constructively negative to say about it. Every church has a little bit different vision, different pastors, volunteers, meeting space, budget, number of kids etc…Other than all the things I’ve already mentioned above and the undeniable fact that God is in it, the aspect of Kid Nation that makes it work so well I believe is the fact that it’s editable/mold-able, adaptable to each specific church. All the aspects of Kid Nation are there and they work because each church can make it work they way it works best for them.

Thanks so much for all you guys do,
Chris & Denise

Living Word Church

Branson West, MO USA


This past Sunday we did a Kid Nation Service in the sanctuary instead of our regular adult service. It was testimony-member-pic3FANTASTIC!! The church loved it, and people were blown away at the content and how much fun it is. We did a lesson from Spirit, Soul, and Body. The kids helped in every area, including greeting, creperie, ushering, announcements, lighting, etc. We want to say a big THANK YOU for creating Kid Nation! It’s been a blessing to our kids and our church as a whole :)

Jaime Huizing

Family of Faith Church

Red Deer, AB Canada

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